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Nowadays, online casinos are one of the leading sports. If you are searching for the best online casino to give a boost to your online gaming and betting, you are in the right place. We understand that finding a trusted online casino is the number one priority of bettors to enjoy their wagers.

To find the trusted online casino 2021 that provides you with a high-quality gaming experience with intense speed results and predictions, go for Betradar. As a brand of sports radar, this website is the champion of producing and supplying virtual sports online for betting worldwide.

Here you will learn everything Betradar offers to amp up your online gaming and betting experience. Want to learn to win through online betting without visiting your competitor’s website? Keep reading this article.

Best Online Sports Betting Game Software Provider IVIP9 – Betradar

One of the leading brands in online casinos is IVIP9. Its ability to provide a user-friendly website to safely bet on the vast marketplace has made it the trusted online casino Singapore. IVIP9 features a sportsbook, lottery, and online casino games to let you enjoy online games and win big money simultaneously. Due to this reason, it has gained immense popularity in a short time.

IVIP9 allows its player to win any game and get money within 24 hours. It will enable their privacy by securing their confidential information. Moreover, it provides various bonuses and promotional offers to its users, such as welcome bonuses to newcomers, birthday bonuses, Monday lucky draw, etc.

You can enjoy many online games like poker, slots, video table casino games, HTML5 games, and many more. You can enjoy these games with its software providers: Sbobet, M8bet, Betradar, etc.

About Betradar

Betradar is the best online sportsbook software provider. It is the leading and trusted online casino for its best betting solution. It was established in 2001 and had a headquarter in Switzerland with offices rooted almost all over the world. Betradar prediction provides unique betting solutions to its users with modern technology.

Betradar software is spread in almost 80 countries for its best services in online virtual sports and betting solutions. You will find the statistical database, betradar livescore match, and live centers there. It has also collaborated with many well-known organizations like NASCAR, NFL, NBA, etc. Moreover, the clients trust this platform as it is regulated by ISO 9001 certification. Therefore, clients can trust this platform for sportsbook game.

Betradar software is famous for supplying sportsbooks in Singapore. It is managed by professionals who maintain all the data and information. The team is available to provide you with services for 24/7/365 days.

Betradar sportsbook is fast, easy to use, and offers excellent betting solutions. It also provides bonuses and promotional offers to its new and existing players like welcome bonuses, 50% reload bonuses, etc.

Famous Games of Betradar

Betradar features the best online sportsbook software. You will find betting solutions for many exciting games, like basketball, cricket, American football, rugby, boxing, and many more. Moreover, you will get the best games created on betradar found on sportsbook Singapore and bookmakers like cmd sportsbook.

Along with traditional games, Betradar features eSport betting on games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Counter-strike, Dota 2, etc. You can access the games by getting access to Betradar login. Let’s discuss some famous games of Betradar below.

a) Virtual Tennis-in-playing

In the great list of virtual games of Betradar, you get to enjoy the famous game of virtual Tennis In-Play. The game consists of 16 players. Betradar sportsbook casino allows you four matches with betting opportunities every 15 minutes, along with ball-by-ball wagering.

Not only can you access all the matches, but you are also provided live football results. You can easily access your games and reach out for quick payouts.

b) Virtual Horse Racing

The famous game on Betradar, Virtual Horse Racing, allows you to bet real money on races. It offers several tracks, distances, along with markets to bet. The live race ranking with advanced performance graphics gives you real-time fun. You can win and access payouts almost instantly for sportsbook gambling.

c) Virtual Dog

The virtual dog on Betradar makes bettors captivated with betting real money on different races every time. It features multiple races, unique effects, tracks, and online markets to play real dog racing.

How To Start Playing Betradar Online Betting On IVIP9?

If you want to win games on Betradar, choose IVIP9, the most sophisticated and trusted online casino 2021. IVIP9 is a Singaporean casino famous for being the most secure and easy-to-use casino in South Asia. It features a sportsbook casino to keep users hooked on the latest games.

IVIP9 provides slots, table games, online casinos, fishing, esports, and lotteries like other sportsbook websites. Now you can win lotteries and online gambling your favorite sports with Betradar on IVIP9 from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile or computer with the internet to get online and start playing.

The player should visit the IVIP9 website. This is followed by account registration or sign in with an existing account. The player is recommended to deposit a minimum of RM20 into the account. Next, the player should view the Sports tab in the homepage. This is followed by navigation to Virtual Sports, and the player may click Play Now. The player may then proceed to select their preferred games and start playing.

IVIP9 is easy to use and navigate. Moreover, you can access bonuses while playing from this platform. It follows all the rules and regulations provided by Betradar.

Features of Betradar Sportsbooks

a) Statistical Database

Betradar allows its users to access data from 40 games from over 1900 matches. You can get information about any player, team, or season. You can rely on the data derived with 20 years of statistics, allowing bettors to make their wagers accurately.

b) Live Centre

Betradar allows its users to bet on live matches by updating the odds with Betradar prediction settings. In this way, a bettor can bet ball-by-ball in real-time. With graphics so accurate, you get the excitement of a real match.

c) Live score

With the amazing feature of Betradar live score, you can cover over 25 different sports worldwide. The results are fast and comprehensive, with the highest accuracy in the industry.

d) License

Betradar is regulated by ISO 9001certification. Therefore, you can trust the sportsbook with your information, bets, and money. It provides its users with cutting-edge technology to secure their data.

Useful Betting Strategies For Beginners 2021

Before you start betting on Betradar, you should follow some tips to double your bets by winning the games.

a) Start with a plan

When you start playing games on Betradar, plan your every move. In the beginning, you may feel excited to start and win by betting in a high amount. You may lack expertise in some games, and this will result in losses. Therefore, you should take a step back, analyze your game, learn first, and bet a little amount. Then once you are familiar with how the game works, you can increase your bets.

b) Choose your game carefully

As a beginner, you need to learn your game before betting on it. Moreover, you might want to start many games to increase your winning rate. But you should focus on one game and excel in it to win. Therefore, choose your game wisely.

c) Know your limitations

Another factor to consider in your mind as a beginner is to know your budget and knowledge about the game.

It is important to know your limits. You need to consider your budget before starting betting. Also, your knowledge about the whole game and platform and its ins and outs is an important factor to consider.

d) Don’t consider your favorite team

As a beginner, you may choose your favorite game. It isn’t very objective and your preferred team may not be the top performer you imagined. It would be best to consider who the winning team is. Keep your emotions out and think clearly. Then start betting.


To sum it up, Betradar is the best online sports betting game software provider, IVIP9. It provides great betting solutions with predictions, exciting games, the best customer service, and an easy-to-navigate website. Before joining Betradar, learn about its games, bonuses, features, and tips to have the best online casino experience.

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