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When it comes to esport betting, Singapore is one of the earliest nations that accept it. Even though in the start some bookmakers were hesitant, increasing online gambling sites become more open to esport live betting. Initially, esport betting and virtual sports were considered the same and classified together. But it is clear that esport Singapore betting options are different from one another in their own way.

Sometime before, bookmakers are only providing a couple of video games and some famous competitions to the players, and gamblers could only put their amount on the winning team. But as time passed, the online casino world became more artistic and ingenious, and more gambling options are introduced into the esport live and esport games.

Due to this, handicap, over/under market, and other betting options are introduced to the industry. Other video esport games have been presented over time. IVIP9 is the best online casino Singapore site that offers everything in the esport arena and esport betting.

The Leading Esport Betting Singapore at IVIP9 Online Casino

IVIP9 commonly known as IVIP9 is one of the best and trusted online casino Singapore sites offering the best gaming and betting experience for people in Asia and other continents. As this best online casino Singapore gaming and betting hub offers various esport Singapore betting and esport games choices, IVIP9 has thousands of loyal users.

This trusted online casino 2021 site stands out because of its clean website, secure system, wide collection of games, and responsive customer support service. Due to such outstanding features, IVIP9 is a preferred choice for everyone when it comes to the online casino gaming experience and esport betting.

IVIP9 holds the sign of a reputable and trusted esport betting site. Due to this, lots of people betting on esport games feel comfortable in this betting household. If you are looking for the best esport live betting site that offers comfort and enjoyment, the trusted online casino Singapore site IVIP9 is the right choice for you. Watch esport live on IVIP9 and enjoy esport live score, esport LoL, esport news, esport team, esport Dota 2, esport team matches, and develop esport earning.

Famous IVIP9 Esport Games Singapore

Here are some of the popular esport games offered by IVIP9, the trusted online casino 2021:

a) League of Legends

LoL esport or league of legends esport is a popular online battle esport arena video game. Due to its fame, a lot of esport betting platforms are offering unique esport LoL betting markets. The trusted online casino 2021 IVIP9 has a huge number of betting types for LoL esport.

b) Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is an esport arena game where each player operates a strong hero with exceptional qualities and plays with a team to destroy the opponent’s team. Players have to ruin the other teams’ buildings, towers, and fortress. The game has numerous powerful characters.

c) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game is an online esport area and the game involves two teams that play to destroy one another and bang big McGuffin. The game appears similar to esport Dota 2 but it has some unique features. The best thing about this game is that the matches are very short that attracts lots of gamblers to place esport betting on mobile legends.

d) FIFA series

Similar to real-life football, FIFA esport has become very famous throughout the world and gained a huge fan following very quickly. In the FIFA esport arena, two players opponent one another similar to any FIFA game played at home. The time of the game can be anywhere between four to ninety minutes.

To place bets on FIFA, first, you have to choose the best online casino betting site like IVIP9. Betting on FIFA is just like gambling on a physical soccer game. Match line betting is a very common betting market when it comes to FIFA esport. In this betting, you only have to select the player who will win a single match.

Types of Esport Betting

If you are looking for some types of esport betting to get started, check the following section.

a) Handicap betting

This type of betting is practiced in various sports including tennis, basketball, rugby, and football. Handicap betting is also applied in many racing events, especially horse racing. In an event, the bookie gives handicap to one selection that they should overcome to be successful. It particularly happens when one esport team is much better than the other.

Winning handicap betting requires the selected esport team to get more scores as compared to the other team. In this handicap betting esport arena, there is no return of the value of the bet as there are only three choices.

b) Accumulator betting

Many football enthusiasts well understand accumulator betting as it is a great way to get esport earning. This type of betting can be used in esport Singapore. Accumulator bet work by betting on the result of more than one different esport playoffs. When all your selections are successful, you will win the bet. This kind of betting offers the highest payouts.

c) System betting

System betting works just like accumulator betting but it is not necessary to be successful in all the selections to win the bet. This kind of betting may include doubles, triples, and so on and these bets accumulate the odds to provide a higher payout. Even though the payouts are not as great as accumulator betting, they are exciting ways to enjoy esport betting.

Benefits of Playing E-Sport Betting on IVIP9

IVIP9 esport Singapore offers several benefits to players betting on esport games. Some of the benefits are given below:

a) Make money fast

Esport betting is one of the quickest ways to make money. All you have to do is to register the trusted online casino Singapore app or download the esport betting app and deposit funds into your casino account and start placing bets and making money. The match will not take long to complete. Correct betting on the esport team and esport livescore enable you to make significant cash from a single bet.

b) Entertaining gameplay

IVIP9 will not only let you bet on esport team, LoL esport, and esport livescore but also let you enjoy watching esport games. It is exciting and thrilling on its own to watch matches on esport live. Various esport games are packed with action and thrills with numerous racing, shooting, and exciting encounters. IVIP9 offers the platform for gamblers to enjoy esport games along with earning money.

c) Convenience

IVIP9 offers an esport betting option that enables you to enjoy games and betting from your home. With IVIP9, you are not restricted to your laptop or PC to enjoy esport live and bet on esport games, you can use your mobile device for esport betting. Thus, esport betting on IVIP9 offers convenience and comfort.

IVIP9 Best Esport Betting App

With a trusted online casino 2021, IVIP9 platform, you can have the best esport betting experience using the IVIP9 mobile app. The mobile app enables users to play and bet more conveniently. You can watch, play, and bet on esport games on both Android and iOS devices simply by downloading the games.

Using this online esport betting app, you will have great opportunities to enjoy gambling and games. The mobile app is highly responsive and easily adjusts to any mobile screen size. So you enjoy esport everything related to esport on your mobile screen including esport live score, esport betting as well as enjoy esport earning. The app is very easy to install from the play store or app store depending on your mobile device.

Best Strategy to Win Esport Betting Singapore

If you want to win esport betting, check out the below esport Singapore betting strategies:

a) Do market research

The best thing you can do before placing bets with your hard-earned money is to explore the online esport betting market. Market means teams, matches, and players. Once you understand the market well, you will be in a position to make the best decisions when finding a betting option.

b) Choose low odd games

Odds in esport games vary from one game to another and you can get benefited from it being a player. When you perform market research, choose the games having low odds that enable you to win more money.

c) Bankroll is important

Bankroll refers to the cash that you reserve for your betting activities for a specific time. When you start betting on video games, you may want to put more money into it but that can be dangerous. So, setting specific money can help you tell what you should stop while doing esport betting.

d) Choose familiar games

It is good to choose games that you know and understand well. In case you are a fan of soccer, you can easily place bets on online esport games that are related to soccer as compared to other types of sports. So check different esport like esport LoL, esport Dota 2, and more before starting playing.

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