Privacy and Policy

We have made the privacy policy to tell you the way we gather, manage, and utilize the information you provide by using our site which gives you information related to the gambling industry and online casino games.

Please read and comprehend our privacy policy and use it to make informed decisions regarding your gaming experience on our website. You have the authority to criticize your relevant data protection right. But try to reach us and communicate first if you have any queries.

Legal Terms in Malaysia for Online Gambling

Supporting a gambling or betting site is not illegal in Malaysia as it is not written anywhere in the law. The Malaysian laws regarding gambling are written years ago long before the introduction of the internet, therefore, it is not possible to find anything related to online gambling in the law. Basically, online betting is ignored and brushed under the rug.

Some gamblers in Malaysia used to place bets daily on online casinos. Many online casinos accept players from the entire world including Malaysia. Online gambling sites also accept Malaysian currency making deposits and withdrawals even easier and quicker.

Use of Personal Data

Talking about what kind of data we collect, the first kind of data is the non-identifiable information related to the user that is collected through the services you used as well as the interaction with the site. IVIP9 can gather particular kinds of connectivity details and data relayed to your hardware and device like the IP address.

We also collect the data regarding the use of services including viewed pages, online browsing, and time spent on the specific page, actions, clicks, and user activity. The other kind of data collected is individually identifiable information such as your name and email ID and is referred to as personal information.

When non-personal information and personal information are joined, this combination is handled as personal data as far as it remains together. Generally, IVIP9 will collect your information in various events including:

  • Where the data is essential for the legal interests and your basic rights and interests don’t overrule those interests.
  • Where users provide us a particular consent for using your information on a legal basis, IVIP9 will ask for your consent before processing your personal information or sending 3rd party direct promoting communications to users through email. Users always have the authority to cancel the consent to marketing by getting in touch with us at any time.

Moreover, we also use your personal information for various legitimate purposes and interests such as to offer you our services, to troubleshoot and support our services, and to communicate with you in case you have any concerns.

IVIP9 can also gather some of the personal data when you use the live chat option on the website, based on the issue you are discussing and the information you gave. The site can also accumulate personal data like your name, email ID, preferences, and interests if you sign up to become a member by submitting your picks.


The site makes use of cookies and various other methods and technologies of web examination to collect, save, and manage specific data regarding your visits to the site and activities through the services. Cookies are the bits of information stored on your PC containing data regarding the customer's access to the site.

IVIP9 online casino site and its reliable and reputed partners may use cookies for some reasons. These reasons include enabling users to easily move between different pages, allowing some features to trigger start automatically, saving your choices and preferences, and making it easier and quick for you to interact with the services.

You have the choice to delete the saved cookies from your computer using the instructions given by your web browser but if you delete the cookies and disable this option, certain service features will not work appropriately and you will have a limited online experience.

Moreover, our site may operate beacons, widgets, and various other technologies that generally gather non-personal data linked to your browsing trends. IVIP9 makes use of these technologies for everyday operation such as putting together statistical information related to your service utilization and using it as per your personal choice.

Data Security

IVIP9 has set up suitable security actions to avoid any kind of accidental data loss, unauthorized access or use of your information, and disclosing or alteration of your data. Moreover, the site confines access to your information to those agents, employees, 3rd party members, and contractors who need to know for business.

They are allowed to process the information on instruction and are subject to keeping it private. IVIP9 has created the measures to manage any alleged personal information breach and inform you and the appropriate operator of the breach where the site is legitimately needed to do so. IVIP9 has the right to revise the Privacy Policy occasionally and update the recent version on the site.

General Terms and Conditions

In Malaysia gambling is banned legally. However, the gambling laws of Malaysia governed by frameworks including Betting Act 1953, Sharia Law, Common Gaming Houses Act 1953, and Lotteries Act of 1952, don’t specifically talk about online gambling. Thus, online betting resides in the grey area as there is no clear law about it.

Moreover, for online gambling in Malaysia, law enforcement is not very strict that offers you the chance to enjoy placing bets online and playing casino games. But, it must be noted that we take no responsibility if you face any legal challenge by law enforcement agencies or the government.

You should be aware that there are many scams and fraud online casinos are operating illegally in Malaysia. But we are reliable and trusted since our casino is regulated and monitored where the scam chances are zero. We are Malaysia based casino having the mission to offer the best gambling site to Malaysian gamblers.